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BHS Drama Clubs Touring Anti-Bulling Show

Losers Club

A group of outcast high school students in a small Texas town have formed “The Losers’ Club.” On homecoming evening, these 12 students kidnap the star football player, Joe Taylor, and homecoming queen nominee, Tawny Harris, who have ignored, bullied, and ridiculed members of the club for years. Lead by Trenton, a 17-year-old Goth, the club members put the condescending Joe and Tawny on trial for “crimes committed against their fellow students.” Each member of the “jury” details how he or she has been harassed by Joe, Tawny, and their friends, and how their lives have been affected by the abuse. What is revealed in the testimonies and the result of the trial is a surprise to all.

This play is to serve as a catalyst for realistic discussions about bullying in schools across America.

The Loser’s Club is the BHS Drama Clubs’ answer to school violence. 

This show is a TOURING SHOW this summer and the 2017/18 school year.

There is a Q&A with the audience after every show.

Some drama student in the show have been bullied for the actual differences their characters portray in the show. 


The Loser's Club Cast



Savannah Brown

From the
Drama Club President
Jordan Remien

The BHS Drama Club's production of "The Losers Club" is our response to the worlds given state of tragedy. We use this production to raise our voices towards the heartbreak and hurt our fellow students in Santa Fe have endured,and every other painful memory this year has brought. Please support BHS and their Drama Club in their fight against bullying and every tragedy this world may face.


Photos from the Show






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